Hygieneo- Surface Hygiene Monitoring System For Built Environment

Surface Hygiene Monitoring System -Hygieneo Dashboard

Create a healthier workplace for your team with Hygieneo – Surface Hygiene Monitoring System. Ensure employee health, well-being, and availability by meticulously tracking surface hygiene standards at every part of the workplace/built environment

Surface Hygiene Monitoring System -Hygieneo Dashboard

Work-Order Based Intermittent Surface Hygiene Monitoring

Surface Hygiene Monitoring System -Hygieneo Dashboard

Features & Functionalities

Work-Order Based

Surface Hygiene Monitor is designed on a work-order based hygiene monitoring regime


QR code based geo-tagging of locations for taking measurements

Real-Time Data

Access real-time data on surface hygiene with the Surface Hygiene Monitor

Live Casting

Broadcasting of Surface Hygiene Monitor dashboards in public areas for occupants

Live Casting of Surface Hygiene Parameters

The Surface Hygiene Parameters offers the option of live streaming surface hygiene conditions in the high touch point surfaces in the public areas that reinforces the confidence of building occupants about the healthy environment.

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