Digital Playbook for the smart workplaces

Reinforcing the ESG mission of your organization

Digital Playbook for the smart workplaces

Reinforcing the ESG mission of your organization


Digital Hygiene
Digital Workplace
Energy Reporting


Employee Health and Wellness

Workplace Experience and Efficiency

Conservation and Sustainability

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Here’s a glimpse of
our digital playbook
Advantages and Benefits
Cloud hosted playbook

Scalable, secure and cloud hosted SaaS solutions. Quick and easy deployment at large scale.

Easy deployment

User-friendly SaaS solutions for quick adoption and deployment with zero hinderance.

Subscription based

No up-front cost/capex model for businesses. This allows your business to enable digitization in a cost-effective manner

Business Insights

Cognitive insights on web enabled dashboard for workplace administrators. Stay updated with your workplace analytics.

DIY – Do it yourself

Minimum third-party support or engagement required. Easy and fast deployment with low lead time.

Minimum user training

Mobile-first architecture designed for intuitive and fast end-user adoption. Easy to adopt and use for businesses and employees.

Why Choose Us?
Built on  Microservices , RPA, IoRT,
AI and Cloud- Scalable and Resilient
Mobile first applications
with DIY interface
Multi-Lingual, Versatile
user experience and interface
Designed by Industry Thought Leaders,
A digital workplace partner
Why Caleedo™-The purpose behind the playbook

We drew inspiration from the multi-patterned Kaleidoscope while designing the
digital Caleedo™ digital playbook. Like in a kaleidoscope, where a multitude of
forms and colors orchestrate in symmetry; our digital playbook helps in creating
numerous data insights and analytics for actionable strategies & decisions by
each stakeholder on this playbook.

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