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Caleedo - Digitizing Possibilities

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Caleedo provides world’s first-of-its-kind SaaS platform for smart & healthy workplaces 

Hygieneo - Caleedo Digitizing Possibilities

Healthy Workplaces


Hygieneo - Caleedo Digitizing Possibilities

Indoor Air Quality monitoring

Advanced IAQ systems to provide healthy indoor environment 

Surface Hygiene Monitoring

Measuring surface hygiene with cutting edge monitoring system

Indoor Environment Quality Monitoring

Workplace IEQ monitoring and analytics

Potable Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring and management

Smart Workplaces

Caleedo Express

Caleedo Express | Caleedo- Digitizing Possibilities


Enterprise-grade digital visitor management system


IoT based smart washroom management


Meeting room and workplace services reservation application


Hot-desking and workplace service reservation application

Caleedo - Digitizing Possibilities

Product Propositions

Cloud Hosted

Scalable secure, and cloud-hosted SaaS applications

Subscription Based

Without major expenditure, allows organizations to initiate digitization plans quickly

Ease Of Use

Minimum third-party support or integrations required for our application

Easy Deployment

User-friendly applications for rapid adoption and development

Business Insights

Cognitive insights through dashboards to assess built environment WELL-BEING

Minimum User Training

Designed for quick user adoption and enhanced experience

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Caleedo - Digitizing Possiblities

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