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WELL-BEING in the Built Environment

Integrating technology with data-led business insights on health & wellness, hygiene, and well-being in the built environment is a large unserved market.




Indoor Environment

Workplace Hygiene

Health & Wellness

Product Propositions

Cloud Hosted

Scalable, secure, and cloud hosted SaaS applications

Cloud Hosted

 Our SaaS solutions for the built environment are cloud hosted to enable remote collaboration, data aggregation, and IoT implementation.

Easy Deployment

User friendly applications for rapid adoption and deployment

Easy Deployment

 We offer easy-to-deploy SaaS solutions for WELL-BEING. Solutions that are easy to use, save installation time and effort, and assuring rapid adoption and operational effectiveness.

Subscription Based

Without major expenditure, allows organizations to initiate digitization plans quickly

Subscription Based

 Our offerings are offered on a monthly subscription to allow businesses to save on their capital expenditures upfront. This framework is adaptable, scalable, and simple to implement.

Business Insights

Cognitive insights through dashboards to assess built environment WELL-BEING

Business Insights

 Real-time data-led business insights on WELL-BEING in the built environment help our customers make informed decisions, streamline processes, and foster a productive work environment.

Ease Of Use

Minimum third-party support or integrations required for our applications

Ease of use

 Our solutions require no third-party assistance or support. All our SaaS solutions are contactless, easy to use, and mobile-first.

Minimum User Training

Designed for quick user adoption and enhanced experience

Minimum User Training

Our solutions are made for quick adoption allowing smooth & hassle-free operations while providing the user with a superlative digital experience.

Our Solutions

World’s first-of-its-kind SaaS solutions for built environment well-being, health & wellness, and sustainability

Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Indoor Air Quality Monitor


Measurement, monitoring, and tracking of hygiene standards in built environment



Enterprise-grade digital visitor management system with several unique features

Indoor Air Quality Monitor


Automate washroom cleaning and hygiene management

Indoor Air Quality


Enabling seamless booking of meeting rooms and orchestrating workplace services

Indoor Air Quality


Intelligent hot-desking and workplace services reservation

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