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Caleedo partners with TEAMS International LLC to Transform Oman's Built Environment

Caleedo – Digitizing Possibilities (www., a disruptive award-winning B2B Proptech and Workplace Tech company, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with TEAMS International LLC, a dynamic enterprise newly established in Oman. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the mission to revolutionize Oman’s built environment.


Caleedo provides solutions like indoor air quality monitoring, surface hygiene monitoring, water hygiene monitoring, smart washroom management, visitor management, and workplace service orchestration through an innovative SaaS platform. TEAMS International LLC will bring these transformative solutions to Oman through this partnership.


Caleedo’s core belief is that seamlessly integrating technology with business processes can deliver unparalleled value to businesses and the environment, people, investors, and the community at large. Among Caleedo’s esteemed clients are Fortune 100 companies, global conglomerates, multinational corporations, leading IT and e-commerce enterprises, and commercial real estate and facility management firms across India and the Middle East.

"TEAMS International LLC shares our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability. This partnership is a testament to our collective vision for reshaping how we interact with our built environments. Together, we aim to drive positive change in Oman's infrastructure landscape."

About TEAMS International LLC:

TEAMS International stands as a testament to excellence and innovation across various sectors. Founded by a team of industry veterans, each boasting over two decades of experience in diverse markets spanning the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Asia, TEAMS International brings a profound understanding of these varied markets to the forefront. TEAMS International’s areas of specialization encompass Technology, Energy, Automation, Mobility, and Sustainability. In these domains, they distinguish themselves by providing innovative products and solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of their clients. Their core focus areas include enabling energy transition, enhancing efficiency, fostering innovation, and facilitating digital transformation, aligning with Oman’s 2040 vision and sustainable goals.

About Caleedo:

Caleedo is a young B2B category-defining Proptech and Workplace Tech SaaS solutions company that is revolutionizing the management of workplaces and built environments by integrating ESG, sustainability, and smart workplace solutions. With headquarters in the NCR and an office in Bangalore, Caleedo has established a strong presence in major Indian metro cities. The company recently expanded its reach in the UAE and other GCC countries through strategic partnerships and plans to launch its solutions in selected APAC countries next year.

For investment, partnership, and customer inquiries, please contact:

Name: Mr. Vikas Saxena

Name: Ms. Priyanka Gulati