Energy Reporting SaaS Solution
Energy Reporting SaaS Solution

Base Lining

Establish a baseline for energy consumption and setting energy savings goals

Trends and Reports

Real time monitoring of energy consumption levels and analyzing potential energy savings

Audit and Compliance

Energy audit by accredited energy auditor and reporting of all energy compliance

Features and functionalities


Data logging of key energy related metrics like energy saving, consumptions, etc


Comply with global energy savings and energy efficiency standards 


Trends, insights and analytics on energy consumption


Web dashboard for baselining, energy consumption trends, exceptions alarms and events Real time monitoring of energy consumption levels


Benchmarking, plan Vs actuals, Historical data on energy savings consumptions and efficiency

Resources for Indoor Air Quality at workplaces

One Solution, Multiple Use Cases


Let's build a healthier indoor environment for all

We can help you repurpose your indoor air and surface hygiene


Indoor air quality (also called "indoor environmental quality") describes how inside air can affect a person's health, comfort, and ability to work. It can include temperature, humidity, lack of outside air (poor ventilation), mold from water damage, or exposure to other chemicals. Currently, OSHA has no indoor air quality (IAQ) standards but it does provide guidelines about the most common IAQ workplace complaints.

The qualities of good IAQ should include comfortable temperature and humidity, adequate supply of fresh outdoor air, and control of pollutants from inside and outside of the building

The most common causes of IAQ problems in buildings are:

    • Not enough ventilation, lack of fresh outdoor air or contaminated air being brought into the building
    • Poor upkeep of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems, and
    • Dampness and moisture damage due to leaks, flooding or high humidity
    • Occupant activities, such as construction or remodeling
    • Indoor and outdoor contaminated air

The term "sick building syndrome" (SBS) is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified.

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